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Small soybean milk maker

Product Abstract:

soybean milk maker with small capacity 0.6-0.8L

Product Description

Small Soybean milk maker

Makes up to 0.8 Liter of fresh Milk,Juice,Porridge,Mung beans juice,Corn juice and so on


Capacity: 0.2L-0.8L

Voltage:110V-240V ,Frequence :50Hz-60Hz

Motor Power: 250W, Heating Power: 750-850W


*Durable #201 or #304 stainless steel jug with Heating base.

*Double shell: Stainless steel and PP palstic

*Easy to use and Easy to clean without internal filter

*Micro-computer control,Fast cooking,Automatic operation

*Dry-heating protection and Overflow Protection

*Accessory: Filter,Measuring Cup,Clean Brush, User manual,Warranty card.

We welcome OEM and ODM !

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